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Toronto-Based TransPod Is in a Race to Build the First Hyperloop Train Network

Canadian Business 30 May 2023
G ... Thrust, Goddard argued, can occur in a vacuum; the vehicles would be driven by the attraction and repulsion of electromagnets. At a moment when cars were just in the ascendant and commercial jet travel still decades away, it seemed like an outlandish—even magical—idea ... As a kid, he loved all the flying and dreamed of becoming a jet-fighter pilot ... .

Inside South Korea's race to become one of the world’s biggest arms dealers

Reuters 29 May 2023
The deal established consortiums of South Korean and Polish companies that will build the weapons, maintain the fighter jets and provide the framework to eventually supply other European states, said Lukasz Komorek, director of the Export Projects Office at the state-owned Polish Armaments Group (PGZ).

What Erdogan’s win means for the West — and the world

Vox 28 May 2023
. Aziz Karimov/Getty Images. Turkey’s Erdogan ran on a nationalistic message ... Turkey’s economy is in shambles ... The US imposed sanctions on Turkey , and kicked it out of its fighter jet program . Other issues have driven a wedge between Turkey and the West, but Erdoğan’s do-what-he-wants foreign policy has really been on display during the Ukraine war.

3 Ways to Pay for Your Summer Vacation

News & Record 27 May 2023
According to the association, demand has driven up prices in sectors like airfare and lodging ... Jet It grounds its HondaJet fleet after fiery crash in SC Newest tenant at Winston-Salem mall is creating a stir — only no one can shop there Shooting overnight in Greensboro leaves 1 ...

Pending abortion restrictions strain providers in US Southeast

News & Record 25 May 2023
Jet It grounds its HondaJet fleet after fiery crash in SC Shooting overnight in Greensboro leaves 1 victim in critical condition, police say As Toyota nears first major hiring phase for NC plant, it says more people interested in working there than at any of its U.S.

Lilium releases Q1 2023 Shareholder Letter

Enid News & Eagle 24 May 2023
Secured funding for up to $250 million, extending cash runway towards first manned flight of type-conforming aircraft.Progressed type-certification, with 78% of the Lilium Jet’s Means of Compliance (MoCs) agreed, driven by EASA’s acceptance of MoCs in areas of propulsion and ...

Canada Producer Prices Down 0.2% in April From March

Market Watch 23 May 2023
By Robb M. Stewart ... Statistics Canada's industrial product price index declined 0.2% from the month before ... The drop was driven by a fall in prices for energy and petroleum products, with diesel fuel, jet fuel and light fuel oils down despite an increase in conventional crude oil, Statistics Canada said ... Still, Gov ... Write to Robb M ... Advertisement ... .

On Succession, it’s time to face Logan Roy’s legacy

Vox 22 May 2023
The four Roy children attend their father’s funeral in HBO’s Succession ... It’s an unusual experience for the billionaire family, typically flown in private jets and driven around in private cars, to be out on the street and moving on their own two feet, especially as the city is reacting explosively to the self-serving decisions they made yesterday.

What to expect from the US Air Force’s sixth-generation fighter jet

Popular Science 20 May 2023
a novel fighter jet representing the newest era of military aircraft—a sixth-generation fighter ... But jet fighters have, for decades, been classified into generations ... This is true for the earliest fixed-wing and biplane fighters, up through the piston-powered patrollers of World War II and into the jet era ... The jet fighter generations.

Today in history: Trial of two Rainbow People's Party members moved to Cadillac

Cadillac News 16 May 2023
Yesterday’s heat meant additional take-off calculations for two corporate jet pilots waiting for their passengers to return from a visit to town. “When temperature goes up, jets need more runway to take off,” explained Clark ... All airplanes are affected by air density, he added, but jets feel the effect more than propeller-driven aircraft.

Lockheed P-80 Shooting Star: The Only US Jet Fighter to See Action In WWII – ...

War History Online 10 May 2023
The Lockheed P-80 Shooting Star, also known as the F-80, was the first jet fighter used operationally by the US Army Air Forces ... Development of jet technology during World War II ... However, the Allies weren’t far behind in jet technology ... The first American jet fighter, the Bell P-59 Airacomet, entered service in October 1942.

Volato Closes Deal with Honda Aircraft Company

Maryville Daily Forum 10 May 2023
Added to two previously-ordered jets this will result in 25 new aircraft for the Company ... The contract comes as Volato experiences significant demand for lift driven by robust growth of its unique fractional program, the Stretch Jet Card, Insider Deposit Program, and charter services.

Where the Jets roster improved — hello, Aaron Rodgers — and didn’t after momentous offseason

New York Post 10 May 2023
Sign up for Inside the Jets by Brian Costello, a weekly Sports+ exclusive ... The Jets will make plenty of moves before the season arrives and even more during the season ... With the NFL Draft behind us, we now have a good idea of what the Jets roster will look like when the season arrives ... You may have heard that the Jets have a new QB1.

Watch a giant military drone land on a Wyoming highway

Popular Science 10 May 2023
But Reapers have hard limits that make their future uncertain in wars against militaries with substantial anti-air weapons, to say nothing of flying against fighter jets ... In March, a Reaper flying over the Black Sea was sprayed by fuel released from a Russian jet, an incident that led it to crash.

Sudan battles rage as Saudi hosts latest truce talks

The News International 08 May 2023
KHARTOUM ... Fierce combat since then has killed at least 700 people, most of them civilians, wounded thousands and driven a mass of exodus of Sudanese and foreign nationals.In embattled Khartoum, fighter jets have bombed enemy positions as terrified residents stayed barricaded indoors amid dire shortages of water, food, medicines and other staples ... .

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